Unveiling Grocery and Supermarket Leasing Success: Verada's Stories



"Verada: Navigating Your Journey to the Perfect Grocery and Supermarket Space"

In this case study, we will uncover how Verada has emerged as a key player in brokering successful deals in the grocery and supermarket industry. We will examine three pivotal locations and the pivotal role Verada played in each transaction.

Location 1: Food Garden Market at 58 Saint Marks Place, Brooklyn, NY


58StMarks Rendering: Food Garden Market: 58 Saint Marks
Saint Marks Place- Food Garden Market
  • Forward Thinking: Food Garden Market's Letter of Intent (LOI) submitted 18 months before the building's completion is a testament to Verada's forward-thinking approach. Their commitment to long-term success was evident in this deal.
  • Dual Agency Expertise: Verada's role as a dual agent, representing both the landlord, Avdoo Partners, and the tenant, showcased their ability to create mutually beneficial agreements.
  • Market Knowledge: Verada's deep understanding of the market allowed them to connect Food Garden Market with the ideal space, aligning perfectly with their vision for the 2nd location.

"Brendan and Nate are fantastic to work with.  They were able to secure a quality tenant for us in the early stages of construction of a new development creating tremendous value and aiding us in achieving our targeted returns and exceeding projected timelines."

Krystyn Gatoo

Ownership - Avdoo & Partners

Location 2: Beyond Natural Market at 195 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, NY
195 Montrose-Beyond Natural Market- -1


  • Rapid Turnaround: Beyond Natural Market's deal, pre-TCO with a swift 30-day transition from submitting an LOI to signing the lease, demonstrates Verada's remarkable efficiency.
  • End-to-End Representation: Verada played a pivotal role in representing Beyond Natural Market without a landlord representative or broker, showcasing their comprehensive expertise.
  • Construction Know-How: Verada's expertise in construction was instrumental in the successful gut renovation project for this location.

"Nate Mallon and the Verada team are nothing short of incredible. They don't just find you a space; they find you a home for your business. Nate's in-depth knowledge of the market and his ability to navigate complex deals is unparalleled. We went from submitting a Letter of Intent to signing a lease in just 30 days for our new location. Thanks to Verada, we've not only found the ideal space but also a partner in our growth and success."

Ray Schmidt

Beyond Natural Garden

Location 3: Met Fresh's New Location at 67-09 Fresh Pond Road, Ridgewood, NY
67-09 Fresh Pond Road_ Met Fresh


  • Community-Centric Location: Met Fresh's new location at 67-09 Fresh Pond Road in Ridgewood, Queens, NY, represents a prime spot in the heart of the community, showcasing Verada's ability to identify exceptional locations.
  • Construction Know-How: Verada's expertise in construction was instrumental in the successful gut renovation project for this location.

"Brendan Thrapp and the Verada team have been instrumental in our journey as we continue to grow our Met Fresh brand. Years ago, Brendan helped us secure our first location on Myrtle Ave, and it was a great experience. Now, as we look to expand, Brendan is once again our trusted partner."

Danny Hamdem

Owner, Met Fresh

Verada's success in brokering grocery and supermarket deals have established them as industry leaders. Their ability to anticipate market trends, represent clients from end to end, and efficiently close deals showcases their dedication to success. The success stories at Food Garden Market, Beyond Natural Market, and Met Fresh exemplify Verada's role in creating thriving partnerships in the grocery and supermarket sector. Whether representing both landlords and tenants, navigating new development projects, or swiftly closing transactions, Verada's expertise benefits all parties involved.