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Next-generation commercial retail listing platform and broker services

Verada is a one-stop-shop that leverages the latest technology to service commercial real estate landlords and retail tenants. 

Find Your Retail Space

Find a retail space

We help build New York’s communities by connecting retail business owners with landlords. Our team works directly with tenants, researching and negotiating to help them find a commercial retail space in NYC that aligns with their strategy and industry. Browse Verada’s current listings or connect with a specialist. 

Our Experts

Meet our experts

Verada team members’ experience and proven track record enable them to serve all clients in the area. Our team focuses on building partnerships between tenants and retail owners to ensure ongoing growth in every NYC community. Read about the experts who can help you achieve your goals. 

Lease Your Commercial Space

Lease your commercial space

Landlords need vetted retail tenants that align with their business plans and vision. Our innovative marketing and in-depth due diligence approach lets landlords find the right tenant for their space. Learn about our collaborative approach to connecting you with businesses ideal for your retail location!

The Verada experience

Verada thrives on delivering an exclusive and collaborative experience for both landlords and tenants. 

Relying upon our next-generation commercial brokerage and technology approach, Verada brings business owners and landlords together to help build neighborhoods. By filling New York retail space, Verada helps improve communities and enhance the quality of life for New York’s residents.

We are excited to be staying in the neighborhood we’ve called home for 35 years. A special thank you to our broker, Nate Mallon, who found us this location and put a deal together that works for all.
Eric Ottaway, Brooklyn Brewery CEO Review-Stars

I had a great experience working with Verada to lease out the retail portion of our new condo building, The Westly, at 2461 Broadway. They were able to identify and target prospective credit tenants who were expanding. Verada procured Bond Vet Group and leased out the retail at an attractive rent 8 months before the building was complete.

Ron Vaksin, Managing Partner at Adam America Review-Stars

Brendan and Nate are fantastic to work with. They were able to secure a quality tenant for us in the early stages of construction of a new development creating tremendous value and aiding us in achieving our targeted returns and exceeding projected timelines.

Krystyn Gatto, Director at Avdoo & Partners Development Review-Stars

Brendan and Nate and their team at Verada have done tremendous work for me at 510 Driggs. A great mix of quality credit tenants and operators that work for the property and the neighborhood. A perfect example of progressive leasing.

Robert Rosenthal, Northlink Capital CEO Review-Stars
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Guide to choosing your next retail space in NYC

Finding the ideal location for your business in New York City isn’t easy. Between researching neighborhoods, demographics, and building permitted uses, the process can be overwhelming. Verada can help you learn the step-by-step process and provide insights into finding the retail real estate that best fits your needs. 

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