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Verada’s story begins in New York City in the summer of 2021 when Nathaniel Mallon and Brendan Thrapp identified an opportunity based on three market observations. Real estate had been thriving so much that the constant demand and lack of competition were leaving potential clientele out in the cold. Platforms that professionals relied upon were outdated, clunky, and expensive. Most active brokers didn’t have the knowledge or foresight to invest in better marketing practices for their clients. Furthermore, they lacked detailed knowledge of their target neighborhoods, preventing them from matching the right tenants with the right landlords. Overall, they were unable to fill client need gaps in local communities.

Recognizing the demand for new retail spaces, improved marketing, and better brokerage services, Nathaniel and Brendan created Verada. 

Verada was founded with dedication to developing better technology with a more curated, marketing-forward approach to listings. Out of this dedication came innovation: veradaretail.com, a free, cutting-edge real estate platform that leverages AI technology, carefully vetted listings, and engaging content-based marketing.

This platform, combined with extensive local knowledge, an A-to-Z approach, and a marketing team dedicated to producing neighborhood-focused content, allows Verada to better match vetted developers, landlords, and tenants. Our approach provides our clients with peace of mind by ensuring their investments are backed by proven, long-term strategies. And, as a result, the neighborhoods we work in enjoy better amenities that enhance the community and quality of life.


Verada’s forward-thinking approach leverages emerging technologies, content-based marketing, and a deep understanding of the market to better match landlords and tenants. We streamline the process so our clients can better focus on their business.

Our approach


Our experienced brokerage works with landlords throughout a property’s life cycle. We focus on providing vetted, proven tenants.



Our next-generation platform provides powerful data-driven insights and beautifully designed listing pages to maximize property exposure and deliver the most suitable tenants. 



We create custom content and campaigns that maximize the visibility of your property, ensuring you find the right tenant for your space.

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