Verada introduces The Retail at Square 10, New Haven, CT

July 07, 2023
Sq10 aerial 1
1. Square 10 aerial view
Sq10 retail
2. Square 10 Retail corner, construction as of June 2023

Verada, a Brooklyn based boutique real estate firm specializing in commercial retail space
leasing and sales, is pleased to announce Retail at Square 10, an exciting new development in
New Haven, Connecticut. The Square 10 project offers a total of 12,500 square feet of prime
commercial retail space, divided into three distinct areas, with over 9,000 square feet located at the corner of George and Orange Street. The project is in its early stages with the retail
component projected to be completed in Fall of 2024. 

Verada's decision to expand into the Connecticut commercial real estate market is a strategic
move to capitalize on the region's growth and development opportunities. Managing Partners Brendan Thrapp and Nate Mallon who recently signed Rock Spot Climbing at Adam America Real Estate’s 44 Olive in New Haven are fully aware of the opportunities outside of New York City. Mallon states “Suburban retail, and new development continue to grow in Southern Connecticut post Covid. We are extremely excited to be representing Spinnaker Real Estate Partners, and this fantastic development. Our goal is to bring value to the neighborhood and contribute to the community in a very positive manner.”

The retail space at Square 10 sits at the base of a 9-story apartment complex consisting of 200 residential units; the development boasts an expansive public open space spanning approximately 25,000 square feet. This impressive five-acre site was previously occupied by the New Haven Coliseum. Conveniently located at the entrance of New Haven's downtown area, it serves as a prominent landmark where vehicles exit Interstate 95 and 91 onto Route 34. Moreover, the State Street Train Station lies merely two blocks north, providing easy access to commuters. To accommodate visitors, a 650-space public garage is available, ensuring ample parking facilities. This comprehensive project aims to create a vibrant and inclusive urban environment, blending residential living, commercial activities, and recreational spaces into a cohesive and inviting community hub. 

Beyond representing Square 10, Verada plans to further expand its presence in Connecticut.
The company will continue to offer its services to commercial retail landlords and retail tenants,
focusing on delivering exceptional value and expertise in this market.

For further information or to inquire about leasing opportunities at Square 10, please contact
Verada directly.

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